Wild Flower Project

Wild Flower Project – Start

Concept Of The Wild Flower Project

We are planning an exciting new project with the aim of enhancing and assessing the wild flowers in the villages of Thurne, Ashby and Oby.

Wild flowers are very vulnerable in many ways and some of the ones that we can remember from the past have disappeared: Orchids from Dubeck, Violets near the Church, Lady’s Smock on the marshes…

However Thurne, Ashby and Oby are still great places for wild flowers to flourish and with some consideration and planning we think we could add greatly to what we already have.

Having as wide a variety of wild flowers as possible will not only complement the visual appearance of our villages and be very beneficial to bees and butterflies and other pollinating insects. It will also benefit all of us in return.

This project is beginning to take shape although ideas and suggestions are very welcome. So far we have thought we would collect and collate information about wild flowers that grow in the parishes of Thurne and Ashby with Oby and consider what could grow in the future.

The following tasks are under consideration:

· a photographic record of wild flowers currently growing in the parishes

· an audit or snapshot survey to quantify the status quo

· a summary of or links to information on identifying native wild flowers

· a survey to identify habitats that could be colonised by other species as well as any measures to safeguard existing stocks

· gathering seed and growing new plants.