Wild Flower Project

Wild Flower Project 2018-19

Community Wood Planting

The focus of attention shifted from planting communal areas in the village and efforts to encourage planting indigneous varities in residents’ gardens to tackling the large canvas of the Community Wood.

Acitivites ranged from planting perimeter hedges to laying out sweeping walkways with cluster planting of wild flowers.

Primroses and native bluebells were planted in the open central area of the wood and snowdrops are dotted among the trees.  The hedging comprises hawthorn, dog rose, field maple, guelder rose, hornbeam and wild privet. It is hoped these will attract and provide food for the wildlife.

Tree species planted are a mixture of evergreens and deciduous and comprise common, red and evergreen oak, lime, beech, yew. hornbeam, holly and silver birch and more shrubby plants such as dogwood and guelder rose are mixed among them. This has been a wonderful community project with lots of parishioners taking part in the planting .