Wild Flower Project

What Can You Do?

Making room for and encouraging wild flowers is easy, here’s a few suggestions!

* Collect seeds, sow and grow

* Share seeds with friends

* Make room in your garden for wild flowers, some like Pink Campion and Ox Eye Daisy look just as lovely as any garden centre plant. Foxglove, Mullein and Teasel are also very impressive.

* Plant wild flowers in a container

* Weed considerately.  Does it really have to come out or could there be a space for it in its own right?

* Learn about the different kinds of wild flowers. There’s lots of information on line and in books.  For example:

* Join our Wild Flower Project

* Think about where wild flowers could be planted around Thurne, Ashby and Oby.

* Take note of where wild flowers are growing now.

* Think about where wild flowers used to grow and which species they were.

* Enhance what you already have.  You probably already grow some wild flowers without even realising, Snowdrops, Foxgloves, Violets, Lily of the Valley, Evening Primrose to name a few.