AGM Summary

AGM 2019 Summary

The 14th AGM of the Thurne Community Archive Group (TCAG) was held on Tuesday 9th April 2019 in Thurne Methodist Church.  The Treasurer’s Report showed that the financial position of TCAG remains healthy but, of course, donations are always welcome to help further and support the work of the TCAG.  The Steering Group was re-elected en bloc unanimously.  The Chairman presented a Review of the Year which is presented here but the main highlights were:

· Community Wood a reality

· Village Diary by Pat George comes to an end

· Display at Thurne Fete in July

· New scrapbook planned

· TCAG Digital Archive moving forward

On conclusion of the formal business, we were delighted to welcome Graham Gislam who gave a most interesting talk entitled ‘Recovering Local History’.  After the talk, there were refreshments and the opportunity to meet Graham and view Village Scrapbooks and other items from the TCAG collections.

AGM Review Of Year

AGM 2019 Review

Review Of The Year

By Jean Cooke

This is now the 14th Annual Review that I have written since this group was set up back in 2005. In more recent years I always think I will find nothing to say and then discover I can at least fill an A4 page.

Following last year’s AGM our speaker for the evening was Steve Prowse, a National Trust Ranger at Horsey and Heigham Holmes.  The talk was centred on the Broads, Horsey Mill and Staithe and the wildlife found on the estate.  This was illustrated with slides.

With recent laws regarding Data Protection, Fleur has been in touch with those on our contact list to ask if they wish to continue to be kept there.

At the Village Fete, part of our display was based on ‘childhood memories’ which had photos and a questionnaire.  There was also some information on the proposed new community wood with a map, a sketch and planting ideas.

Community Wood

It is now three years since a community wood was first muted at one of our meetings and we can finally say the idea has come to fruition.  Along with several other willing hands, those of us who are able have helped with all the work to bring this about.  To ensure good management both now and especially in the future, the one and a quarter acre plot of land was sold to the parish for the token cost of one pound so that such a condition to the sale could be applied.  A management team has been elected and it is good that Ann, one of our steering group members is part of that team of five.  Other members being Thurne parish chairman: Jonathan Molineux, Ashby with Oby parish chairman: Alan Cooke, Leslie George and Steve Sayce.

Ann has designed the layout of the wood with winding paths and a central open glade.  She also devised a colour coded planting plan after the team had decided what trees should go where.  In December, mixed hedging was planted along the three open edges of the plot and in February the protective wire fence was erected and gates were put in place in the south facing boundary.  The trees were also planted in February.  The initial idea was for a memorial wood with trees being planted to commemo rate those fallen in the two world wars but the idea expanded to more of a community wood. Although the majority of the planting is complete, I’m sure if anyone wanted to donate a tree in memory of someone there is still space to accommodate a few more.  This group has contributed and planted primroses and native bluebells.  Trees which have been planted are: red, common and evergreen oak; beech, lime, hornbeam, silver birch, dogwood, holly, yew, hazel and guelder rose.

Other Activities In 2018

William has generously given time to help us compile a digital searchable inventory of all the material we hold and a group of interested people have been meeting regularly since the autumn to help achieve this.  William has also got our photos off the old computer and he, with the help of Bill Olive, has been working out a way for searching these on the website. These will be available to be view online in due course and even as a slideshow if desired.  We are extremely grateful to him for the many hours he has dedicated to this.

Jean and Jenny press on with the stitched map and Pat continued to keep a diary although now after ten years of doing this she has called it a day (is there a joke there somewhere?) so thank you Pat.  If anyone would like to take on keeping a diary on a similar vein i.e. village happenings, weather etc. that would be much appreciated.

Realising how popular the WI scrapbooks were one of the group’s first undertakings was to compile one of our own which again people have enjoyed looking at.  That was nearly fifteen years ago so we are now thinking about doing another and topics for this are being discussed.  We are hoping too to get other people involved as we did with the first one.

I am really grateful for the continued enthusiasm and support of the steering group, which has kept us going all these years and hope that this enthusiasm persists with them and the support from others, to keep Thurne Community Archive Group alive for many more years to come.