Wild Flower Project

Pink Campion & Ox Eye Daisy

Pink Campion and Ox Eye Daisy are two lovely flowers to grow and very beneficial for wild life.

Pink Campion

Pink Campion is in flower from May to June.  It is a perennial and once established will come back year after year.  They are very tolerant and grow well in a meadow or in semi shade.

Pink Campion can be grown easily from seed.  You can either scatter seed directly in growing position or grow in trays and then transplant.  Sow seed in the spring or early autumn.  The plants will grow to a height of between 30 to 100 cm.  There is also a White Campion and sometimes you get a cross pollination of the two which has delicate pale pink flowers.

In the language of flowers Pink Campion symbolises gentleness.

Pink Campion is also known as Bachelors’ buttons which suggests it was once worn as a buttonhole by young unmarried men.  Other local names include Johnny Woods, Ragged Jack and Scalded Apples.

Ox Eye Daisy

Ox Eye Daisy is in flower from May to July.  They are perennials and once established will come back year after year.  They grow well in a meadow or in a garden.  Seed can be cultivated in the same way as for Pink Campion and they grow to the same height range as well.

In the Language of Flowers, Daisy means ‘innocence’.

 The word daisy comes from two Anglo-Saxon words: daeges and eage, which mean ‘day’s eye’.  When the flowers open, the white petals uncover and surround the yellow ‘florets’ at the centre.  The yellow ‘florets’ resemble the sun, so the flower is considered to be the ‘eye’ of the day.

The ox eye daisy was also known as Marguerite after the French princess who adopted it as her official emblem.  Princess Marguerite of Angouleme (1282-1317) was known as Daisy.