AGM Review Of Year

AGM 2015 Review

Review Of The Year

By Jean Cooke

This year is quite a milestone in the history of this group as we celebrate our tenth anniversary and in that time for such a small group and community, I think, it’s remarkable what we have achieved over that time.

This past year, following last year’s AGM, a ‘Show and Tell’ session, where folk had brought along items of interest to tell us about, produced some really interesting stuff from a Neolithic axe to a chug.  All things brought created much discussion and the session proved to be most successful and we thought that we must do it again sometime.

The stitching project was unveiled and now hangs in the Chapel and is much admired by all who see it.  Thank you to Jenny for leading this project and keeping us all going.  Jenny also introduced ideas for a new project on ‘mapping’.  This was followed up by interested parties meeting and discussing how to further the ideas.  The stitching group is already in action on samples for another piece.  Bill Olive has produced a map of the village in photographs and William has started work on compiling a digital map that works by taking us back in time.

Throughout the year we have had several meetings with both John Aves and William Booth regarding our website and I am delighted to report that just before Christmas we went live on (the website was on display during the evening).  The site has nine pages; the digital archive page as yet has little to see as we are at present sorting out key words and categories etc. for all our material.  We are indebted and extremely grateful to John and William for the time they’ve given to producing this website – we just couldn’t have done it without them.  William met up with John and finally pulled things together and sorted it out for us, and thankfully he is willing to continue work on it in the future.  It is hoped that the site will be updated quarterly with things like the events page.

We had a display at the village fete and Pat has again kept a diary.  This year we propose doing another display at the fete and to run a competition.  In the summer we hope to organise a guided trip to St Benet’s Abbey followed by a social get together and we will of course continue to work on the digital archive page of the website. 

Fleur highlighted some of the things we have achieved over the past ten years in the publicity article she wrote for this meeting: the scrapbook, the Village Survey, the updating of the Churchyard Survey, ‘At the Water’s Edge’ the book that was compiled and published about our village, the acquisition of the Manorial documents, the stitching project and now the website.  We also have peoples’ reminiscences and quite a large collection of photos.

Thank you to the steering group, four of us founder members, and all who have participated in and supported any of our projects or activities over the years. I  find it most satisfying to think that the work we  have done on the history of this community will be available for folk to see in years to come and hopefully will not be lost in the mists of time.