Our Projects

  • Scrapbooks
    The Archive possesses three scrapbooks completed in 1965, 1985 and 2005.  They provide a snapshot of day-to-day life in […]
  • Manorial Documents
    In 2010 the Archive acquired the manorial documents dating back to 1720 together with the title of Lord of […]
  • Mapping Project
    Our brief is to collect and collate historical information about the parishes of Thurne and Ashby with Oby in […]
  • Churchyard Survey
    An extensive survey of the churchyard has been completed.  This built on one initiated in 1980 by the Thurne […]
  • Digital Archive
    TCAG is currently working on a digital archive of photographs, maps and documents. This will abstract and extract information from […]
  • Stitching Project
    The group completed a stitched panel reflecting wildlife and views of and around the village.  The panel was finished in […]
  • Village Diary
    A diary has been kept since 2008 recording village events.  It also records wildlife and weather patterns. Contact Pat
  • Archive Inventory
    Work has begun on creating a searchable database of items held by the Archive Group. This has a dual […]