AGM Review Of Year

AGM 2019 Review

Review Of The Year

By Jean Cooke

This is now the 14th Annual Review that I have written since this group was set up back in 2005. In more recent years I always think I will find nothing to say and then discover I can at least fill an A4 page.

Following last year’s AGM our speaker for the evening was Steve Prowse, a National Trust Ranger at Horsey and Heigham Holmes.  The talk was centred on the Broads, Horsey Mill and Staithe and the wildlife found on the estate.  This was illustrated with slides.

With recent laws regarding Data Protection, Fleur has been in touch with those on our contact list to ask if they wish to continue to be kept there.

At the Village Fete, part of our display was based on ‘childhood memories’ which had photos and a questionnaire.  There was also some information on the proposed new community wood with a map, a sketch and planting ideas.

Community Wood

It is now three years since a community wood was first muted at one of our meetings and we can finally say the idea has come to fruition.  Along with several other willing hands, those of us who are able have helped with all the work to bring this about.  To ensure good management both now and especially in the future, the one and a quarter acre plot of land was sold to the parish for the token cost of one pound so that such a condition to the sale could be applied.  A management team has been elected and it is good that Ann, one of our steering group members is part of that team of five.  Other members being Thurne parish chairman: Jonathan Molineux, Ashby with Oby parish chairman: Alan Cooke, Leslie George and Steve Sayce.

Ann has designed the layout of the wood with winding paths and a central open glade.  She also devised a colour coded planting plan after the team had decided what trees should go where.  In December, mixed hedging was planted along the three open edges of the plot and in February the protective wire fence was erected and gates were put in place in the south facing boundary.  The trees were also planted in February.  The initial idea was for a memorial wood with trees being planted to commemo rate those fallen in the two world wars but the idea expanded to more of a community wood. Although the majority of the planting is complete, I’m sure if anyone wanted to donate a tree in memory of someone there is still space to accommodate a few more.  This group has contributed and planted primroses and native bluebells.  Trees which have been planted are: red, common and evergreen oak; beech, lime, hornbeam, silver birch, dogwood, holly, yew, hazel and guelder rose.

Other Activities In 2018

William has generously given time to help us compile a digital searchable inventory of all the material we hold and a group of interested people have been meeting regularly since the autumn to help achieve this.  William has also got our photos off the old computer and he, with the help of Bill Olive, has been working out a way for searching these on the website. These will be available to be view online in due course and even as a slideshow if desired.  We are extremely grateful to him for the many hours he has dedicated to this.

Jean and Jenny press on with the stitched map and Pat continued to keep a diary although now after ten years of doing this she has called it a day (is there a joke there somewhere?) so thank you Pat.  If anyone would like to take on keeping a diary on a similar vein i.e. village happenings, weather etc. that would be much appreciated.

Realising how popular the WI scrapbooks were one of the group’s first undertakings was to compile one of our own which again people have enjoyed looking at.  That was nearly fifteen years ago so we are now thinking about doing another and topics for this are being discussed.  We are hoping too to get other people involved as we did with the first one.

I am really grateful for the continued enthusiasm and support of the steering group, which has kept us going all these years and hope that this enthusiasm persists with them and the support from others, to keep Thurne Community Archive Group alive for many more years to come.

AGM Review Of Year

AGM 2018 Review

Review Of The Year

By Jean Cooke

This is the 13th annual review of Thurne Community Archive Group’s activities.

2017 AGM

At the 2017 AGM last March we had an illustrated talk entitled ‘Norfolk’s hidden archaeological gem’. This was given by Ivan Cane from the North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust.  His talk covered  the history of the canal from 1826 to the present day and included the work the group of enthusiastic volunteers has achieved in re-establishing the canal, its locks and their plans for the future.  (A walk along the canal banks is well worth doing to see what they’ve done).

Activities In 2017

Following a request from Martham History Group for a guided walk of the village we were most grateful to John Wheeley for taking this on for us.  This took place in July.

At the village fete we again had a stand. Our theme was ‘an electronic free zone’; here we had a display of the games we used to play, these included: quoits, yo-yo, dominoes, whip and top, skipping rope and several more.

Our summer event, in August, was a ‘dyke dipping morning’.  This took place on the marsh at the rear of Red House.  The things we found were most interesting from small fish to different insect larvae.  Equipment for our ‘fishing’ was lent by How Hill and much fun was had identifying and recording our finds.  It brought back memories of my childhood days when we dipped with a jam jar tied to a length of string.

In September we took part in the Macmillan Coffee morning held at the Lion which took the form of a craft exhibition.  We took along our framed stitched panel and the map in progress.  We also had some of Jenny’s and Jean’s crocheted animals and Fleur’s pottery on show.   Some pieces were sold and the money was donated to Macmillan.

As part of the wildflower project, in October, we had an autumn event to which we invited people to come to a morning session, at the Methodist Chapel.  Here they helped to make the seed balls which were to be put in the packages, along with bulbs and distributed to all households for planting.  Bluebell bulbs have also been planted.  It is good to see the results of our planting with the daffodils around the village making a fine display.

Community Wood

The suggestion put forward at our 2016 AGM to plant commemorative trees in memory of those from the village who died in war grew into the idea of a community wood.  After unfruitful conversations with NCC regarding obtaining a piece of land for doing this an area has now been given by Alan and Jean Cooke and the transfer of ownership is now in the hands of the Parish Council.  Planting of trees and hedging should commence in the autumn. We will continue to give our support to this.

Our Plans For 2018

Fleur has been attending a palaeography course at the Norwich Record Centre which she hopes will help with transcribing some of the older manorial documents.

It is hoped to do a reprint of the book ‘At the water’s edge’.

Jenny and Jean will plod on with the stitched map, Sue and Pat will keep the churchyard survey updated and Pat will continue with a village diary.


Thanks, as always, must go to the members of the Steering Group for all their support and to William Booth who keeps the website updated for us.

AGM Review Of Year

AGM 2017 Review

Review Of The Year

By Jean Cooke

This is the Group’s 12th Annual Review.

Following the business section of last year’s AGM we had as our speaker Simon Partridge, Director of the How Hill Trust. This was a most interesting talk starting with the history of the house and estate on to how it became a centre for environmental education and the activities that go on there now. The gardens there are open to the public all year round and there is also a tearoom.

We also had on display the scrapbooks, Pat’s diaries, the churchyard survey, information on the wildflower project as well as William having set up screens showing the website.

Our Projects

The wild flower project which was started in the summer of 2015 has progressed; more bulbs have been planted by the public toilets, and in the autumn all households in the parish received a bag with some bulbs and wildflower seed balls to sow and plant.  To help record the plants and flowers growing in and around the village a ‘wildflower safari’ was arranged.  Eight people joined in this with four couples taking different routes and listing where and what plants and flowers they had seen on route. This concluded with a picnic.

Jenny and Jean continue to work on the stitching project a quilted map of the village.

Sue and Pat continue to look after the Churchyard Survey and Pat still keeps an annual diary of events of interest in and around the village.

We are most grateful to William who manages the website; here he keeps our projects and events pages updated and has also added some useful links to the Thurne Parish Council, the Community Archives and Heritage Group, both our churches, the How Hill Trust and other websites of interest

At the village fete we again put on a display as well having a wildflower seed ball making activity and a treasure hunt game.

Looking forward, work will continue on our projects and research is currently being done in looking at a site to plant some trees.  Leslie George is conversing with his landlords, NCC, regarding parcels of land that might be used, one to the east of the Church and the other to the rear of it.  It was also good to see the community pull together this March (2017) to help him plant hedging along the track at the rear of Home Farm and up beside the footpath towards Church Road.  This will do much to improve the landscape and help wildlife.

If there is a village fete in the summer, we will be provide a display and an activity there and we also hope to arrange an outing.

Martham History Group has requested a tour of the village as part of their programme of events and on the evening of Thursday 18th July 2017 and John Wheeley will lead this.  We will also put on a display and refreshments for them at the Chapel for after the tour.


As was said in last year’s review most of the group’s goals have now been reached but we will continue to enjoy and update our projects and if anyone has a new project they wish to pursue we will do our best to give our support.

For their contribution and support to the continuation of this group thanks must go to William as well as all the steering group members.

AGM Review Of Year

AGM 2016 Review

Review Of The Year

By Jean Cooke

This is the 11th annual review of this group’s activities.

At the AGM last year, when we celebrated our 10th birthday, we recalled what we had achieved over the past years and Jenny had made a cake decorated with a map and tiny models of all the houses of the village on the top.  The cake was enjoyed at the end of the evening with a cup of tea or coffee.

With the AGM business complete Philip Bray from the Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust gave a talk entitled ‘Percy’s Lovely Ladies’.  This most interesting talk outlined the history of the Broads and the building and growth of the fleet of traditional Broads sailing yachts that still grace our waters today.  They are based at Percy Hunter’s boatyard at Womack Dyke.

Our Projects

wild flower project was launched last summer.  The number of wild flowers growing on our verges and in the hedgerows seems to have declined over the years so we aim to reintroduce more by collecting seed and growing new plants.  We also hope to survey and record where different varieties of flowers have been seen.  Other areas in the village are also to be enhanced with the planting of daffodil bulbs.  Some have been set along the roadside bank of the playing field and a corner of the playing field has been worked over with bulbs planted and wildflower seeds sown in it. To help fund this we have been fortunate to receive a grant of £200.  Our local councillors Barry and Mary Coleman donated £100 each from the Great Yarmouth Borough Councillor’s Ward Budget.  This year more planting will be done.

Stitching – Progress on this has been slow but following much discussion the design for a stitched map was decided.  This is about to be traced onto fabric, then stitching can begin.

The website has been live now for just over a year and William has regularly kept everything up to date.  The events page is updated quarterly and new pages have been added with the development of the wildflower project.  A report accompanied by a slide show of photographs, taken by Bill  Olive, of our visit to St Benet’s Abbey  was also there for all to see.  We are extremely grateful to William for all he has done and continues to do with the website.  At present he is spending a considerable amount of time on a digital archive.  He has cleverly managed to rescue all our photos previously entered, by us, on the old, now dysfunctional, COMMA programme and is working on the structure of a new searchable archive which he hopes to have near completion next year at this time.

Fleur has set up an entry for us on the Community Archives and Heritage Group website.

Outing – In August a party of twenty plus went on a visit to St Benet’s Abbey.  This was a most enjoyable  outing; we were given a very interesting guided tour of the St Benet’s site, by a volunteer member of the Friends of St Benet’s Abbey, after which we enjoyed a picnic lunch.  Thanks are due to Sue Curtis for arranging this very successful outing.

At the village fete we again had a display and a ‘treasure hunt’ competition was run.

Pat George continues to keep a diary of village happenings.

Looking back to when this group was first set up I think we have achieved mostly what we set out to do, and much more, and when the digital archive is up and running I think our initial aims will be fulfilled.


This year we will continue with our current projects and other things that crop up for us to do. If others would like to join in with us, have any suggestions or want to lead a project of their own in connection with the group we will be pleased to hear from them.

For their contribution and support to the group thanks must go to the steering group and to William.

AGM Review Of Year

AGM 2015 Review

Review Of The Year

By Jean Cooke

This year is quite a milestone in the history of this group as we celebrate our tenth anniversary and in that time for such a small group and community, I think, it’s remarkable what we have achieved over that time.

This past year, following last year’s AGM, a ‘Show and Tell’ session, where folk had brought along items of interest to tell us about, produced some really interesting stuff from a Neolithic axe to a chug.  All things brought created much discussion and the session proved to be most successful and we thought that we must do it again sometime.

The stitching project was unveiled and now hangs in the Chapel and is much admired by all who see it.  Thank you to Jenny for leading this project and keeping us all going.  Jenny also introduced ideas for a new project on ‘mapping’.  This was followed up by interested parties meeting and discussing how to further the ideas.  The stitching group is already in action on samples for another piece.  Bill Olive has produced a map of the village in photographs and William has started work on compiling a digital map that works by taking us back in time.

Throughout the year we have had several meetings with both John Aves and William Booth regarding our website and I am delighted to report that just before Christmas we went live on (the website was on display during the evening).  The site has nine pages; the digital archive page as yet has little to see as we are at present sorting out key words and categories etc. for all our material.  We are indebted and extremely grateful to John and William for the time they’ve given to producing this website – we just couldn’t have done it without them.  William met up with John and finally pulled things together and sorted it out for us, and thankfully he is willing to continue work on it in the future.  It is hoped that the site will be updated quarterly with things like the events page.

We had a display at the village fete and Pat has again kept a diary.  This year we propose doing another display at the fete and to run a competition.  In the summer we hope to organise a guided trip to St Benet’s Abbey followed by a social get together and we will of course continue to work on the digital archive page of the website. 

Fleur highlighted some of the things we have achieved over the past ten years in the publicity article she wrote for this meeting: the scrapbook, the Village Survey, the updating of the Churchyard Survey, ‘At the Water’s Edge’ the book that was compiled and published about our village, the acquisition of the Manorial documents, the stitching project and now the website.  We also have peoples’ reminiscences and quite a large collection of photos.

Thank you to the steering group, four of us founder members, and all who have participated in and supported any of our projects or activities over the years. I  find it most satisfying to think that the work we  have done on the history of this community will be available for folk to see in years to come and hopefully will not be lost in the mists of time.